ERAS Application Editing & Review

The MyERAS Common Application Experiences section includes all the basic information programs need to know about your personal and professional background. Through the use of powerful adjectives and careful phrasing of activity and research descriptions, we will help you transform a dull list into something your future interviewers are excited to talk to you about. You’ve spent countless hours tirelessly working your way through medical school. We’ll help you highlight your hard work effectively.

Our MyEras Application Editing & Review Service will empower you to communicate your activities powerfully and succinctly. We’ll also make sure your research is highlighted in the best possible light – without making your application look like you’re trying to pad it.

In Residency Insiders fashion, we approach each application review systematically to ensure you receive the best results. More specifically, each application undergoes the following:

  • Background Review: We first review your CV and resume to identify the most pertinent activities for you to focus on.
  • Activities and Experience Review: Our doctor advisor will inspect each activity description for content, spelling/grammar, engagement, and communication.
  • Research Review: Effectively portraying your research accomplishments should not be overlooked, particularly for academic programs. Book chapters, abstracts, publications, and presentations are carefully reviewed to ensure an honest and favorable portrayal.
  • Mini-Essay Review: Other sections applicable to you (i.e. misdemeanor) will be reviewed and improved with the same criteria as above.

Note: our Application Editing does not include personal statement editing, which is a separate service.


Step 1. Purchase the best ERAS Application Editing Service below for your residency application needs. After signing up, you’ll receive instructions in your inbox on how to submit your application.

Step 2. We will pair you with a doctor advisor with experience on residency admissions committees. You’ll receive thorough edits, usually within 48 hours.

Step 3. Implement the edits, feedback, and suggestions on your final ERAS application.


After the spectacular results of the Personal Statement Editing Service, I purchased the Residency Insiders Application Review Service. For each draft of my application, Dr. Hanes made thorough edits, precisely tuned language, and left detailed comments describing his rationale. His comments were also helpful in guiding improvements for the next revision. Residency Insiders treated my application as a whole, not only improving upon my ideas, but directing me to create a cohesive application that resulted in a more compelling list of activities overall. Within a few short days, my list of experiences were highlighted in a highly articulate and appealing manner.

Cliff Lin, MD, General Surgery